Columbia at Fisher Landau Center for Art

This past Sunday I went to the Fisher Landau Center for Art to view Columbia University’s MFA Thesis exhibition.

Highlights included Oz Malul’s sculptures– Rube Goldberg-like machines designed to advance a slide, or send a ball back and forth. They reminded me of Peter Fischli and David Weiss’ 1987

art film Der Lauf der Dinge (The Way Things Go).

                                                             Diane Wah displayed a series of 

large-scale, printed album covers that commented on race, gender, politics and art history, and included one with Gregory Amenoff posing as Don Imus.

Large drawings by Alyssa Phoebus are dense, labored works: a mix of seams that resemble both scars and pinking shear cuts, of letter fragments and lines that simultaneously recall barbed wire and embroidery. With phrases like “Harder Harder” or “Rough Sex With A Big Man,” the works comment on our relationship with gender, sexual violence and sexuality.




Pictured are:
Shoot the Moon, by Oz Malul, Way Down Under by Diane Wah, and Rough Sex With a Big Man and Good Woman by Alyssa Phoebus.

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