Links List: Jeffrey Deitch on CBS, Mimes in Paris, Sotheby’s Salaries

  • "Les Pierrots de la Nuit" (Night Mimes) are being deployed in Paris in an effort to use performance art to curb noise pollution from rowdy bar and club patrons.

    “Yes…. But is it art?” Jeffrey Deitch will appear on CBS’ “60 Minutes” this Sunday two decades after Morley Safer’s controversial “Yes… But is it art?” segment to speak with Safer about the contemporary art market. [LA Times]

  • The mayor’s office of Paris is unleashing roving mimes to battle rowdy nightlife. [ARTINFO]
  • Sotheby’s can’t seem to reach a deal with its art handlers, but CEO William F. Ruprecht is doing just fine; in 2011, he earned $7 million, up 18% from 2010. [Bloomberg]

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