Links List: Glenn Beck rails against PSU, Thomas Kinkade drank himself to death, and the British Police mess up

  • "Rediscover your radical imagination! This course will focus on creating art within Portland-based activist initiatives, such as marches, actions, and causes different grassroots community groups are working on, like the Occupy and Decolonize movements." This course is not approved by Glenn Beck.

    Surprise. Surprise. Glenn Beck is upset that the good taxpayers of Oregon are funding classes like “Art Within Activism” and “Revolutionary Marxism: Theory and Practice” at Portland State University. Another reason to move to Portlandia. [The Portland Mercury]

  • Was the “Painter of Light” a drunk?  It seems as though Thomas Kinkade did not pass peacefully in his sleep, but passed out. A Santa Clara County dispatcher can be heard in a recording saying: “Apparently he has been drinking all night and not moving.” [The Daily]
  • The British Police accidentally released Lee Wildman, a prime suspect in the £2 million art heist at the Durham City Oriental Museum. [Northern Echo]

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