Links List: Axl Rose, Jeffrey Gundlach and a Fake Feces Obama Bobblehead

  • Laura London’s “Sweet Child O’Die” photo is one of several that has prompted Axl Rose to demand the cancellation of her upcoming solo exhibition

    “Sweet Child O’Die:” Axl Rose has served LA’s Coagula Curatorial gallery with a cease and desist notice, demanding that they cancel photographer Laura London’s “defamatory” exhibition “Once Upon a Time… Axl Rose Was My Neighbor.” [Spin]

  • Jeffrey Gundlach has offered to buy back his stolen Mondrian and Jasper Johns, no questions asked. [Art Market Monitor]
  • 25 years after Andres Serrano made “Piss Christ, the photograph continues to cause controversy and provoke some odd responses, including Bill Donohue’s jar filled with fake feces and a President Obama bobble head doll created. Donohue is the president of the Catholic league explains that “[Liberals] don’t believe in God. This is their God,” and reveals that the “feces” is really brown Play-Doh. [Buzzfeed]

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