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State of the Art

Leonard A. Lauder has given The Met a gift of Cubist works worth over $1 billion

Leonard A. Lauder has given The Met a gift of Cubist works worth over $1 billion

  • Obama’s proposed budget would increase arts funding by about $200,000. [The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Philanthropist and cosmetics tycoon Leonard A. Lauder gives his Cubist collection, valued at over $1 billion, to the Met. [NY Times]
  • MoMA will raze the former American Folk Art Museum building, designed by Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, to complete its midtown expansion. “It’s unusual and it’s tragic because it’s a notable work of 21st century architecture by noteworthy architects who haven’t done that much work in the city, and it’s a beautiful work with the look of a handcrafted facade.” [NY Times]
  • Occupy Victory: New York City and Zucotti Park owner Brookfield Properties will pay $366,700 to Occupy Wall Street to cover damages and legal fees related to the destruction of the OWS People’s Library. [NY Mag]

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Links List: Axl Rose, Jeffrey Gundlach and a Fake Feces Obama Bobblehead

  • Laura London’s “Sweet Child O’Die” photo is one of several that has prompted Axl Rose to demand the cancellation of her upcoming solo exhibition

    “Sweet Child O’Die:” Axl Rose has served LA’s Coagula Curatorial gallery with a cease and desist notice, demanding that they cancel photographer Laura London’s “defamatory” exhibition “Once Upon a Time… Axl Rose Was My Neighbor.” [Spin]

  • Jeffrey Gundlach has offered to buy back his stolen Mondrian and Jasper Johns, no questions asked. [Art Market Monitor]
  • 25 years after Andres Serrano made “Piss Christ, the photograph continues to cause controversy and provoke some odd responses, including Bill Donohue’s jar filled with fake feces and a President Obama bobble head doll created. Donohue is the president of the Catholic league explains that “[Liberals] don’t believe in God. This is their God,” and reveals that the “feces” is really brown Play-Doh. [Buzzfeed]

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The Next Generation’s Ai Weiwei

Zhao’s sculpture has been confiscated by the Chinese government and he’s been fined 300,000 yuan ($48,000).

“I don’t want to become cautious.”

Spiegel Online profiles Beijing artist Zhao Zhao who, like his mentor Ai Weiwei, faces censorship from the Chinese government.

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In the News: Murals

  • The recently discovered ancient Mayan murals in Guatemala’s Xultún archeological debunks many myths about the culture.

    The Washington Post profiles Baltimore’s Open Walls project, which brought murals to the city’s Station North Arts a& Entertainment District created by artists from all over the world and curated by 23-year old street artist Gaia. [WaPO]

  • The Wall Street Journal’s Anthony Paletta writes about the challenges of mural preservation. [WSJ]
  • The San Francisco Chronicle reports on the newly unearthed murals at Guatemala’s Xultún archaeological silent that offer new insights about ancient Mayan culture, and discredit many myths about the civilization. [SFChronicle]
  • Philadelphia Mural Arts Program had a kick-off celebration for Philly Painting, a project of large-scale murals that will transform a four-block stretch of the city’s Germantown Avenue, and give full-time pairing jobs to area residents. [Newsworks]

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Links List: Artists harming animals in Berlin, a nude statue gets a dollar bill bikini in Arizona, and Occupy Cooper

  • The Berlin administrative court has stopped a German artist who planned to strangle two puppies on stage as part of a performance, “Death as Metamorphosis,” in the Spandau district of Berlin. Thank goodness animal rights prevail here. [The Local]
  • That’s not the only animal v. artist battle in Germany right now. Berlin University of Arts students Iman Rezai and Rouven Materne plan to guillotine a live lamb if the results of an online vote tell them to. Sounds cruel AND derivative. Does anyone else remember a project like this involving a bunny from 2004-2005? [Gawker]
  • Tempe Arizona artist Bill Tonneson caused a stir when he erected a nude statue, inspired by “The Venus of Willendorf,” across from a church and preschool. His solution: using hot glue and dollar bills, he’s created a bikini for her. []
  • Earlier this week, Cooper Union announced via the NY Times that it would begin charging tuition to its graduate students, as part of an effort to generate income to cover operating deficits. The next day, hundreds of students and alumni gathered in Cooper Square in protest, before marching to a larger student movement in Union Square. [Gallerist]

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Links List: Glenn Beck rails against PSU, Thomas Kinkade drank himself to death, and the British Police mess up

  • "Rediscover your radical imagination! This course will focus on creating art within Portland-based activist initiatives, such as marches, actions, and causes different grassroots community groups are working on, like the Occupy and Decolonize movements." This course is not approved by Glenn Beck.

    Surprise. Surprise. Glenn Beck is upset that the good taxpayers of Oregon are funding classes like “Art Within Activism” and “Revolutionary Marxism: Theory and Practice” at Portland State University. Another reason to move to Portlandia. [The Portland Mercury]

  • Was the “Painter of Light” a drunk?  It seems as though Thomas Kinkade did not pass peacefully in his sleep, but passed out. A Santa Clara County dispatcher can be heard in a recording saying: “Apparently he has been drinking all night and not moving.” [The Daily]
  • The British Police accidentally released Lee Wildman, a prime suspect in the £2 million art heist at the Durham City Oriental Museum. [Northern Echo]

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Links List: Art Pilfering Landlords, Structure v. Sculpture, and Bohemians v. Bankers

  • The Chetrit group has stolen the artwork from the Chelsea Hotel residents and refuses to return it. [The Villager]

    Gentrification affects the Techeles art center in Berlin. Artists are protesting the planned development of the center into luxury apartments.

  • Sag Harbor debates whether Larry Rivers’ “Legs” is a structure or a sculpture. [NY Times]
  • 20 artists have locked themselves inside Berlin’s Tacheles art center, protesting its planned development into a mixed-use luxury apartment and office complex. [Guardian]

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